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"We used Refreshening for the first time recently as we needed a reputable supplier with a high-quality finish. We made contact with Paul Woodward and immediately knew we had made the right choice. Paul listened to our requirements and put together some impressive artwork on a premium towel which would (and does!) impress our high-end clients. He kept us informed of the various stages we were at and provided routine updates regarding the shipping timeline.

I would not hesitate to recommend Refreshening as being one of the very best in their field."

Bill Cregeen, Founder & Managing Director,
Movements UK Corporation Limited

​"Personal hygiene and cleanliness is of the utmost importance and these Salon wipes certainly fit the bill. Extremely good product, very cost effective."

Eileen Commander,
Fazeley Tanning & Beauty Salon, Tamworth

​"The Service & Quality is Excellent."

Lauren Smith,
Charles Worthington

​"We have been using professional Salon Men Wipes since 2006. These wipes are just perfect for my clients, that extra little personal touch. I think attention to detail is important. Fantastic product!"

Tom Whall,
Leonard & Michael, London

​"Refreshening Moist Wipes are excellent value and are of the highest quality that my customers deserve."

Mr Razak Arsan,
Curry Lounge, Nottingham. Voted one of the best Indian restaurants.

​"Very convenient for removing unwanted grease and grime. Doe’s exactly what is said upon the wrapping, ‘No Soap, No Water, No Problem’ Brilliant Product."

Danny Clarke,
D&G Racing, Leamington Spa

​"Hygienic Moist Towelettes are a great advertising tool. They are handbag and pocket friendly and never go to waste."

Michael Harte,
Irish Hairdresser International Magazine

​"These Barbers wipes are far better than conventional dry tissues. They are more effective & more hygienic after haircuts. We like to give every client a professional cut with a personal touch. Just Perfect."

Mr Alex Brailsford,
The Barbers Shop, Whitney, Oxon

​"Our customers just love these professional moist wipes. Perfect!"

Jim Shaw (Director),
Essensuals Men

​"What a fantastic product! I cannot understand why all restaurants don’t use these professional wipes."

Mr Harry Katsapas,
Billy’s Steak House Restaurant, Kensington, London

​"Outstanding value for money. I would highly recommend Refreshening Moist Wipes to any restaurant. Top quality wipes."

Mr Miher Pistedi,
Al Hamra Restaurant, Mayfair, London

​"I would highly recommend these sports wipes. Ideal for any sports activity and they really make you feel instantly refreshed."

Paul Crook,
Power Beck Gym

​"Bought these sports wipes for our members to use during a round of Golf and they are just perfect making you feel instantly refreshed. The best part is they only cost pennies!"

John Mahoney,
B.I. Golf Society

​"Caring Wipes are just perfect for our patients and would highly recommend these quality wipes."

Jackie Osbourne,
Bell Street Dental Practice, Practice Coordinator

​"Tremendous product! We brought from stock initailly and now have our own branded wipes. We would highly recommend these quality moist wipes."

Andrew Pringle,

​"The Refreshening Wipes are a great product for charity – they are ideal for supporters at many fetes, galas, fayres and events we attend all year round and are already proving very popular. They are also a fantastic product for some of our core supporter groups such as motorcyclists. Having them designed in YAA Branding also helps with our awareness. Steve and the team at Refreshening Moist Wipes were great to deal with and did exactly as they promised the first time we met them."

Paul Gowland,
YAA Director of Fundraising

​"We offer all our clients the best possible service and attention to detail. Refreshening Moist Wipes are just perfect. Super quality!"

Tara Bond,
Hangar 8

​"Personal hygiene is of the utmost importance for our company. Refreshening Professional Salon Moist Wipes are an exceptional product for that personal touch and also exceptional value for money too…"

Stuart Gardner,

​"Looking after my customer is very important and what a fantastic product this is for my clients to use after treatments and a unique way to advertise direct into customers hands. I Would highly recommend Refreshening Professional Barbers Wipes."

Bora Esen,
The Groom Room

​"We are delighted with our new wipes. They are very smart and our patients appreciate their high quality and enjoy using them at the end of treatment. Thank you Refreshening Moist wipes."

Dr Sally J Bowler (Owner),
Field House Dental Practice

​"Great Product with the luxury we were looking for, Many Thanks."

Clare Armstrong (Cabin Crew Manager),
London Executive Aviation

​"We love the whole idea of the hygienic moist wipe towelette. They are a great added extra in the salon and clients really appreciate them."

Maeve O’Healy-Harte,
MOHH Salons and Academy

​"What a very unique and versatile product. Great product for advertising and branding our company image."

Phill Tonge,
Rocket Centre

​"Purchasing from Refreshening Moist Wipes could not be made easier brilliant service from start to finish and you can see and feel the quality of these wipes. Excellent value, delivers on client expectations."

Duncan Lilley,
Carey World Wide Chauffeured Services

​"Refreshening Moist wipes are ideal for removing loose hair from neck after gent’s cuts, also great for removing hair colour from the skin."

Andrea Jones



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